Jarcas Promo Code System released

We have published Jarcas Promo Code System to the Unity Asset Store. This is our first asset for sale and more are in the works.

The Jarcas Promo Code System is a cross-platform solution for creating, managing, and redeeming promo codes for in-app purchases. Perfect for when your game/app provides in-app purchases and you want to give them away to certain people (beta testers, friends/family, reviewers/press, contest winners).

Unity Asset Store link


  • Well-documented with full source code
  • Works on any platform
  • Server-side promo code storage and verification via PHP/mySQL
  • Create and manage codes from the Unity Editor interface (no coding or phpMyAdmin necessary)
  • Supports multiple games/apps in a single database
  • Supports multiple products per game/app
  • Highly configurable code generation. You choose exactly how you want your codes to look
  • Can remove lookalike characters (“1”, “I”, “0”, “O”, etc.) to avoid user confusion
  • Promo codes can be configured to be restorable (useful for non-consumable products)
  • Promo codes can be single-use or multi-use
  • Tracks device ID on redemption
  • Generate many codes in one click
  • – Provides security against hackers spoofing server messages
  • – Works in Unity Free