Ouya Game in Development

I was one of the Kickstarter backers for the new Ouya. In spite of all the negative press it has gotten I have been very pleased with my Ouya. Sure things could’ve been smoother, faster, more complete, better, etc., but I’d say they delivered on their promises. I also think the problems are largely fixable via firmware/SDK updates.

At the end of the day, I now have a TV-based video game console in my hand for $99… and I can develop my own game for this console at no additional cost: No expensive test kits or debug kits, no expensive developer licenses, no expensive game engines or middleware (thanks to Unity 3D), none of that stuff that has been a staple of console development for decades.

I’d say that’s undeniably awesome.

I’ve actually been pretty excited about releasing an Ouya game. I’ve been working hard on polishing and reworking my Ludum Dare 26 entry, Tiny Runner, into an Ouya game. Progress is going well and I hope to release something in the next few weeks.