Reporting Force Close issues

With GradeWizard v1.1.1 we just fixed several Force Close issues that were plaguing quite a few users. So, I felt it important to say something about the topic.

Regarding any future Force Close issues, please keep in mind that you can help us track down those bugs by reporting the Force Close to us. When a Force Close happens simply tap the button to notify the developer rather than just tapping Force Close. Doing that provides us with information that is invaluable to finding and fixing those problems.

Additionally, when you notify the developer you can provide notes to us regarding the Force Close. Sadly, we get a lot of very unhelpful notes. Stuff like “PLZ FIX” and “it force closes”. Instead,┬áif you can spare a moment to tell us what you were actually doing in the app when the Force Close occurred, that could make all the difference in fixing those really hard-to-reproduce bugs.