GradeWizard 1.3 for Android released

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated this app, but we’ve just pushed out the v1.3 update of GradeWizard to Google Play. Thank you all for your continuing support of this app.

The big news this time is that we have implemented one of our most requested features, the ability to import and export all of your grades and settings. With this feature you are able to upgrade from the Lite version to the Full version without losing your data you had already started entering in the Lite version. You are also able to transfer your data from one device to another for whatever reason.

When data is exported two files (GradeWizard.dat and GradeWizard.prf) are placed in a GradeWizard folder on your device’s external storage (usually an SD card). When data is imported it looks for those two files in that same folder. So, importing from Lite to Full on the same device is automatic. Importing data to a new device requires you to copy those two exported files into a GradeWizard directory on the new device’s external storage before importing.

Download the full version of GradeWizard at the Android Market
Download the free version, GradeWizard Lite at the Android Market