The Vengeful Baby-Men Ludum Dare competition results and Kongregate integration

The review period for Ludum Dare 27 is over and the results are in. My music puzzler, The Vengeful Baby-Men, came in 3rd place in Audio and 11th place in Innovation in the Jam division! Woo!

My previous entry for LD26, Tiny Runner, was a decent game but was rated very poorly in audio because I ran out of time and didn’t get around to adding any at all. I actually managed to score a 1.31 in Audio that time. I guess there were actually some reviewers out there who felt that silence was worth more than a 1, heh.

I knew I’d do better in Audio this time around… but I still didn’t have a full complement of sounds – no UI sounds or anything – just 30 seconds of original music. I definitely didn’t expect to get 3rd place in Audio across all Jam entries, and I’m not entirely sure that I deserve it, but I appreciate it all the same!

This was a great 2nd Ludum Dare for me. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and am looking forward to the next one!

The game is also now available on Kongregate and has been integrated with Kongregate’s high score system. See if you can beat the best time on each level!

The Vengeful Baby-Men on Kongregate