GradeWizard 1.1 for Android released

The latest version of GradeWizard implements some much needed user interface improvements, particularly for users who frequently use the app in landscape mode. Here is the full rundown of what’s new in this version:

  • Fixed bug with percentages not being converted to GPA correctly when the grades were exactly at a grade cutoff
  • Removed confusing error message displayed while inserting initial sample data
  • Renamed menu item from Share to Tell a Friend
  • Scrolling improvements – Header bars on each page now scroll out of the way when the list below it is scrolled
  • Added optimized page layouts that are used when in landscape orientation
  • Added Tip of the Day dialog
  • Added What’s New dialog which is displayed upon updating to a new version of GradeWizard
  • Added Version History button to the About dialog
  • Added Check for Updates button to the About dialog
  • Added Market link to the default Tell a Friend message
  • Added dialog encouraging active users to rate GradeWizard on the Android Market
  • Added Send Debug Info option to the Contact Developer menu item. This is a tool that will be used by Jarcas Software to track down hard to find bugs. It will compile your grades into an e-mail that you can then send in for investigation.