GradeWizard 1.0 for Android released

GradeWizard is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for tracking and predicting your academic progress. With GradeWizard you’ll always know how you are doing in school.

GradeWizard is much more than a simple GPA calculator. It is both a grade tracker and a grade prediction powerhouse. It can track and predict everything from your cumulative 4-year GPA all the way down to individual assignments.

Unlock your academic potential with GradeWizard!


  • Useful throughout the school year, not just when final grades are given out
  • Color coded grade display
  • Track by terms, classes, grade groups, and individual assignments
  • Calculates guaranteed and potential grades
  • Calculates cumulative and major GPA
  • Fully customizable grading schemes
  • Configure how percentages map to letter grades and grade points
  • Can easily be set up for +/- grading, weighted classes, etc.
  • Configure default grading scheme and override it on a per-class basis
  • Pre-packaged with many commonly used grading schemes
Lite version is limited to:

  • Tracking only 1 Term
  • Tracking only 3 Classes
  • Otherwise fully functional
Download the full version of GradeWizard at the Android Market
Download the free version, GradeWizard Lite at the Android Market